Smart Stake

Transparent and professional Aion staking service

Smart Stake has been successfully validating blocks since Unity launch. Stake with us and start earning rewards now.

Aion Smart Stake - Pool Performance

Performance snapshot is shown below. Click on images/charts for realtime details.

Health & Performance Monitoring Tools

Smart Stake creates tools that enable everyone to see near-realtime health and performance of the staking pool. Many more tools to come soon.

Why Choose Us?


Fully Transparent Service

Smart Stake provides a fully transparent service. The health and performance of the pool is visible to everyone 24x7 - Check Health


Running reliably since Unity launch and validating blocks consistently

Smart Stake pool has had 100% uptime so far and has been validating blocks higher or in proportion to the stake weight of the pool - See Performance


From the community, for the community

As part of Aion community, our service is for Aion community members. Check out our cool tools to assess the performance of all staking pools.


2.9% Fee - as inexpensive as it gets

The pool is created by long term Aion supporter. The fee will remain at these levels for good or reduce further.


Strengthen the Aion Network

By delegating/staking Aion with us you will be strengthening the network and improve decentralization of the Aion Network.

How to Stake Aion

Delegating/staking Aion is really easy. Follow the guide linked below for detailed instructions.

Tip - Leave about 1 Aion in the address that you used for delegation. It is needed for undelegation/withdraw transactions.

Node Specifications

Smart Stake is running two nodes in redundancy. Click here for OAN requirements

Processor - Intel Coffee Lake i9 CPU

CPU - 8 Cores/16 Threads

Memory - 32 GB

Storage (SSD) - 1 TB

Bandwidth - 1 Gbps

Availability - 99.99%

Any questions? Contact us.